Praise & Worship sigIt has been over 50 years since the Constitution on the Sacred liturgy, Sancrosanctum Concilium, was produced by the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council. As Roman Catholics, this document is a cornerstone of our liturgical celebrations and has played a significant role in the restoration of the liturgy. Among many noteworthy contributions to the life of the Church, it has allowed the Mass to be translated into native languages, endorsed greater participation and leadership of the lay faithful, and served to remind all that through the liturgies of the Church, God’s beloved sons and daughters are found, nourished, and sent forth in the name of Christ.

The full document may be found here. It is divided into sections on General Principles for the Restoration and Promotion of the Sacred Liturgy, The Most Sacred Mystery of the Eucharist,  The Other Sacraments and the Sacramentals, The Divine Office, The Liturgical Year, Sacred Music, and Sacred Art and Furnishings.

About Liturgical Worship at our Parish

At St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church many different liturgies are celebrated throughout the year, but the liturgy of the Eucharist, the Mass, is at the center of our parish life and call to service. We join together with the local Church of the Great Falls/Billings Diocese and the whole universal Church throughout the world to proclaim the Gospel, celebrate in the name of Christ Jesus, and go to others with love by the power of God’s Holy Spirit.

Please consider becoming more richly involved in our corporate life of prayer and call to service by participating actively as a liturgical minister. It is through the celebration of the Eucharist that we are transformed in Christ’s presence in the World. As St. Augustine tells us: “Be what you see, receive what you are.” We are the Body of Christ!

For more information and involvement, please see the Liturgical Ministry page and contact Nick Coffman, Director of Liturgy and Adult Education: