Women’s Groups

Parish Council of Catholic Women (PCCW)

Membership is considered automatic among all women of the parish and all are welcome at all meetings and events.  Usual meetings are the first Thursdays of each month, alternating a morning meeting at 9:45 am (after daily Mass) or an evening meeting at 7:00 pm.
Minimal basic annual dues help this parish service organization provide donuts for the parish the first weekend of each month, year-round, as well as maintaining supplies for the church kitchen and contributions toward parish events.

President:  Susan King, 656-0868   Vice President:  Linda Trythall, 656-8989
Secretary:  Barb Junnila, 656-3178    Treasurer:  Sherry Herbert, 831-236-2280

Annual Membership Dues Form
2015-2016 PCCW Calendar
Funeral Dinners:  Gladys Orlando, 656-5081 or Delores Lemke, 252-8808
Kitchen Coordinator:  Pam Purinton, 656-9495
PCCW Rummage Sale: 1st weekend in October. Save for this yearly event!
Delores Lemke, 252-8808 or Barb Lawson, 656-1385
National Council for Catholic Women (link)

Service opportunities abound, and members can choose to join a “Circle” or volunteer within the general membership. Fellowship is primary, but see the focus of the 3 Circles operating within the PCCW below:

St. Anthony Circle

Audrey Parks, 252-8152
New members are welcome!  We meet the 3rd Wednesday at 9:30 am.

The St. Anthony circle is made up of a group of women from the parish of St. Thomas the Apostle whose bond is strengthened by being “hand-maids” of the Lord, and also by being supportive of each other in time of need.  Our mission is to provide companionship to those who are lonely, sick, homebound and in nursing homes.

St. Elizabeth Circle

Sharon Kennedy-McGown, 656-7087
New members are welcome!  We meet the 3rd Saturday at 9:00 am.

The St. Elizabeth circle is made up of a group of women from the parish of St. Thomas the Apostle Church who have joined together for spirituality, socialization and the desire to give back.  Our mission is to contribute to the well-being of our parish by welcoming new parishioners, assisting and donating to local, national and international organizations.

St. Rose of Lima Circle

Margaret Helfrich, 672-0229
New members are welcome!  We meet the 3rd Wednesday at 9:30 am.

The St. Rose of Lima circle is a group of women who are dedicated to the ministries of St. Thomas the Apostle Church.  Our mission is to be a vital part of our parish and community.  We assist the Christmas Food Baskets Outreach Committee and help with various activities at Valley Nursing home.