Do you have St. Thomas the Apostle Parish on your Gifting list?   All gifts made on or before December 31 are tax deductible for that tax year.

Gifts of securities (stocks, bonds, mutual funds) are some of the best gifts to make whether they have appreciated or depreciated in value. A charitable contribution may be the right decision to enable you to reduce your taxes. Check with a broker or investment advisor about avoiding a last minute rush for year-end gifts of securities.

Many different forms of Christmas and year end giving are available, all of which are tax deductible.

Cash – The most standard and familiar way to make a Christmas and year end gift. Simply write a check to make your gift.  Or use our online giving tool, GiveCentral.

Giving Appreciated Securities – You can save and give at the same time with donations of stocks, bonds and even shares of mutual funds that have appreciated. These investments can be given and your deduction is for the full market value at the time the gift is made – not just the original cost. You can also save by paying no capital gain tax on the sale of the stock as you would if you sold the stock and held the cash.

Giving Proceeds of Depreciated Securities – You can sell stock that has declined in value and claim that loss on your tax return. Then donate the cash from the sale of the stock and claim a charitable deduction on your tax return for the amount of the gift.

Property – Both real estate and personal property may qualify as charitable gifts that would benefit the parish. 

Life Insurance – Cash value in a current or paid up life insurance policy can benefit St. Thomas Parish. Naming our parish as a beneficiary of life insurance proceeds can be another means of making a future major gift.

IRA and Retirement Plans – Naming the parish as the beneficiary of a qualified retirement plan, IRA or 401k will provide a charitable estate tax deduction and is another way to provide a lasting gift to the Church.  

For many years, our Catholic parishes have benefited from the enormous contributions and dedication of religious men and women (priests, brothers and sisters) who have given their entire lives in the service to parishes, schools, dioceses and many other Catholic ministries.  Now, our Church’s ministries are even broader and serve more people than ever before. Your Christmas and year-end gift is an investment in these quality programs.

Additional Gifting opportunities exist.  Click here for more information.