Posted by St Thomas Catholic ChurchSeptember 29, 2017News from St. Thomas!

Professor, Vatican delegate, teaches area Catholics

On September 29th at 7:00pm, St. Thomas the Apostle hosted in its new Community Center a city-wide, special faith formation lecture called: ‘Pope Francis Hits a Reset Button Implementing Vatican II: From a Hierarchical to a Synodal Church.’ The speaker was Dr. Myriam Wijlens (why-lens), a world renowned Dutch theologian, professor of canon law, and one of four Vatican delegates to the Commission on Faith & Order of World Council of Churches. Dr. Wijlens emphasized the value of transformative dialogue among all members of the Church, and highlighted Pope Francis’ continued emphasis on the Sensus Fideli, Sensum Fidelium (the sense of the faith, the sense of all the faithful) as the Holy Spirit’s definitive sign for the Church’s direction on the pilgrim journey. Catholics from the whole city filled the new St. Benedict room, as more and more chairs were brought in to accommodate the 100 plus in attendance. This was a singular, exceptional event, and a product of cooperation between the pastors and parishes in the Billings vicariate. Look for other faith formation opportunities in the parish and make plans to attend when available.

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